Exploratory Study of Grandiosity in Employees Training System: A Case Study of the University of Agriculture, Peshawar


  • Khalid Iqbal PhD Scholar Qurtuba University of Science and Technology
  • Muhammad Junaid


Employees Training, Grandiosity, Public Sector Universities, Grounded Theory, Non Realistic Reporting



Employees' training function has its specific problems that are affecting its outcome. There is another ‘problem’ that has been affecting it too - the problem of “grandiosity”. It is overblown reality and projection; having its causes and effects in the domain of this research. This imperceptible problem has been exposed by remaining close to the data obtained through 15 in-depth interviews - the co-construction of reality, in the research undertaking. This piece of work has allied the construct -"grandiosity" in context of employees training function as well as with other operations of a public sector university. The study further recounted causes(08) and effects(04) of the practice of grandiosity in context of a public sector institution. The researchers’ contribution is exploring the employees' training function in the public sector universities. The research also adds to the existing literature on the theme – the practice of grandiosity. The recommendations in the research area are beneficial and result-oriented for public sector organisations and in particular for universities.

         Keywords:   employees training, public sector, grandiosity, grounded theory, non-realistic reporting 

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