The Impact of Workplace Support and Private Level Support on Work-Life Balance Satisfaction among Female Employees in the Health Sector of Pakistan


  • Qudsia Arshad
  • Muhammad Imran COMSATS University Islamabad
  • Uzma Pervaiz


Work-Life Balance Satisfaction, Work Place Support, Private Level Support, Pakistan


satisfaction among the female employees working in the health sector of Pakistan. This study develops the framework that explains how work demands and family demands affect work-life balance satisfaction. The influence of private level support and workplace support is also examined. Sample data (N=290) was collected through a stratified random sampling technique from female doctors in the health sector of Pakistan's twin cities (i.e., Rawalpindi and Islamabad). The hypotheses were tested by multiple step-wise regression and moderation using SPSS 23 software. It has been investigated that the employer and the family support the female employees to achieve work-life balance satisfaction. In different life domains, such as the work and family domain, support at the workplace and private level may help employees deal with these domains' demands. The research study findings are helpful for academicians and health sector policymakers.

      Keywords: work-life balance satisfaction, workplace support, private level support, Pakistan

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