Nexus between Advertising and Consumer Purchase Decision: Study of Punjab, Pakistan


  • Ansar Abbas PhD Scholar at Institute of Commerce and Management Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur,Pakistan
  • Muhammad Waseem Akram
  • Irfan Ahmad Khan


The study investigates the factors affecting the advertising towards the consumer purchase decision of any product. The aim of this study is to read other reviewers and discover the factors that influence individual consumer decisions. Most product users read reviews to buy a product, so the quality and quantity of that product are important. In this study, two factors, such as independent variables (advertising), influence consumer purchasing decisions. The study models 1000 product users. Relief Examples of techniques are used because data is collected only by students. The results of this study show that advertising is closely related to consumer purchasing decisions. Therefore, advertising has a positive impact on consumer decision-making. In addition, many reviews have a positive effect on product intent. This research allows the manager to fully understand the factors that customers believe are important when making purchasing decisions. Therefore, this research helps managers to develop their marketing strategies.

Keywords: advertising, consumer purchase decision, promotion, consumer behavior

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