Impact of External Governance Mechanisms on Firms’ Performance: Evidence from Non-Financial firms listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Evidence from Non-Financial firms listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange


  • Sohail Aziz Abdul Aziz BZU
  • Shahzad Akhtar



The study's overarching goal is to learn how different kinds of external governance influence company output in Pakistan. This study covers the years 2009 through 2020 and includes 320 corporations that trade on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. It is important to choose businesses that fit certain criteria so the research may be conducted thoroughly. Rule of law, government efficiency, regulatory quality, control of corruption, voice and accountability are the main aspects in the research. In our opinion, these metrics best capture the relationship between governance quality and financial outcomes for companies, therefore we've chosen to focus on them. When it came time to analyse the data, the researchers turned to STATA, a widely used statistical tool. The primary objective is to study and assess the connections between the aforementioned components. The relationship between the elements has been assessed using return on assets as a performance indicator.

       Keywords: country level governance, performance, regulatory quality, non-financial sector, Pakistan Stock Exchange. voice and accountability, government effectiveness, rule of law, control of corruption, return on assets

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