Exploring Role of Political Human Brand Personality, Appearance and Behavioral as Political Brand Association in Political Campaigns for Voters’ Preferences


  • Qazi Fahad Iqra University
  • Mirza Amin ul Haq


The purpose of this paper is to explore how political branding is defined and exhibited during the local body elections in Pakistani regions where voter turnout is high in number. This paper offers new appreciation in the study of political branding which is widely explored in the West. Data were collected through in-depth interviews among 37 campaign marketers who played an important role during elections and were participants in the World Marketing Summit 2020, Lahore, Pakistan. Political branding rotates around the personality measures through his/her intensity of charisma and charm, being smart, responsible and attentive, compassionate, trustworthy, and hardworking. While brand appearance includes visual representation. Musical entertainment in public meetings can also be a political brand-identifying agent. Political Brand Behavior covers emotional gestures, conscientiousness, and consistency. Overall, the study demonstrates how political branding helps voters differentiate candidates and facilitates recall at the ballot box, thereby potentially increasing voter turnout. Enhancing the likability of political brands through strategically crafted branding strategies may lead voters to respond more favorably to those campaigns. The research holds significance for advancing the understanding of political marketing practices in non-Western contexts. The findings provide actionable insights for campaign strategists seeking to optimize branding approaches. Moreover, the study contributes novel perspectives on how personality, appearance, and behavior collectively shape a candidate's political brand identity and popularity among constituents

        Keywords: political branding, brand personality, brand appearance, brand behavior, political campaigns, Pakistan, local body elections

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