The Relationship between Parental Quality Time Investment and Student Performance


  • MUHAMMAD TOFAIL Tofail qurtuba university of science and information technology peshawar
  • Muhammad Asif Khan



Parental involvement is crucial for children's academic success and their overall development. Parents are naturally concerned about the educational progress of their children and try to help them in their studies; although they spend time but mere time spending doesn’t fetch the expected results. This study investigates the impact of parental quality time investment on students in Government Higher Secondary Schools in District Kohat. Despite increasing parental involvement, fruitful results remain indefinable. Lack of parental quality time involvement is identified as a problem affecting student outcomes. The study encompasses all 18 higher secondary schools in District Kohat, with a sample size comprising 699 teachers, 18 principals, and 18,122 students. A meticulously designed questionnaire was administered to gather data on parental involvement, demographic information, and academic performance. Analysis reveals a significant positive correlation between parental engagement and academic success (P<.001). Quality time spent with children emerges as a key factor influencing academic performance. Teachers, principals, and students highlight the importance of parental support in fostering a conducive learning environment. The study identifies areas where the problem of lack of parental involvement exists. The findings underscore the necessity for parents to invest quality time in their children's education and well-being. Educators can utilize these insights to promote parental involvement and enhance student outcomes. Policymakers should prioritize initiatives supporting collaborative partnerships between schools and parents for holistic development. Administrators should implement programs aimed at increasing parental engagement, such as workshops, seminars, and outreach campaigns.

      Keywords: Academic performance, Child development, Education, Parental involvement, Quality time investment

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