Financial and Academic Sustainability in the Governance of Higher Education Institutions


  • Muneer Ahmed Mirjat National Defense University, Islamabad
  • Shafei Moiz Hali


Higher Education Institution, Governance, Perceptions, Public sector universities, quality education, curriculum development, teaching quality



Faculty members' perceptions of sustainability in higher education institutions are influenced by environmental ethics, knowledge, and institutional culture, with institutions being strongly committed to prioritizing sustainability. Teachers' perceptions of teaching sustainability may vary across disciplines. An important factor that must be investigated and comprehended in higher education institutions is teachers' perception of sustainability for governance. A sample of 443 faculty members was selected from a total of almost 50,000 faculty members. Data were gathered using a survey questionnaire with five points Likert scale. Data were collected through personal visits and Google Forms and data was analyzed by using IBM SPSS 24.0.  The results reveal a large gap between the public and private sectors. There was no statistically significant difference in the mean scores for the categories between the institutions under the Tenure Track System (TTS) and those under the Basic Pay Scale (BPS). Differently skilled faculty members have differing opinions about how long university governance structures can last. The standard deviation was 5.419, and the mean sustainability factor value for male responders was 17.12. The independent t-test (t (443) =1.268, p>0.05) shows that there is no significant difference in the mean scores of male and female respondents. The average sustainability rating of respondents from public institutions was higher than that of respondents from private institutions (mean = 14.83, SD = 5.084; mean = 17.76, SD = 5.379). An independent t-test revealed a significant difference between respondents from public and private institutions (t (443) =4.781, p>0.05).

        Keywords:    sustainability, teachers, perception, higher education, governance.

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