The Effect of Green Human Resource Management Practices on Organization Sustainability with the Moderating Influence of Stakeholder Environmental Demand in Healthcare Services in Peshawar


  • Zainab Rahman Islamia college peshawar
  • Dr.Fayyaz Ali Shah
  • Dr.Sonia Sethi



Businesses are becoming more sensitive to the environment in which they are operating to cope with the diminishing supply of natural resources. Environmentally conscious HR practices involve implementing policies for eco-friendly resource management to achieve sustainability goals. Literature highlights a growing interest in the link between eco-friendly HR practices and business sustainability in emerging and developing nations. Recognizing its importance, current research explores the moderating role of stakeholder environmental demand in promoting green practices for achieving organizational sustainability. This exploration aims to provide valuable insights into the contextual constraints shaping the effectiveness of environmentally conscious HR practices in driving organizational sustainability. The study adopts an explanatory approach, aiming to establish a causal link between GHRM and corporate sustainability while exploring the moderating effect of stakeholder environmental demand in private healthcare organizations. The collected data from 240 employees was analyzed through SEM-PLS. The outcomes reveal that the green HR practices have statistically considerable and beneficial effects on organization sustainability, both directly and when moderated by stakeholder environmental demand. The research leads to the identification of best practices and tailored strategies for implementing GHRM in the healthcare sector, considering the unique environmental and socio-economic factors of the region. Moreover, the moderating role of stakeholder environmental demand underlines the necessity of synchronizing GHRM practices with the specific demands and expectations of stakeholders. The study also offers a framework for managers and policy makers to promote eco-friendly practices, reducing waste and fostering sustainability in their organizations.

       Keywords: Green human resource management (GHRM), green recruitment and selection (GRS), green training and development (GTD), green performance management (GPM), green compensation (GC), organization sustainability (OS), stakeholder environmental demand (SHD)

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