This is for the information of public at large that Qurtuba university of Science & Information Technology publishes three research journals namely, The Dialogue, The Journal of Managerial Sciences and The Sciencetech. An impression has been created in the general public that Qurtuba university is involved in inviting researchers for registering their research papers in the research conferences (local or foreign conferences) and in collecting publication fee from them.

Qurtuba university disclaims all such impressions and notions and categorically states that the university has no business with any kind of transaction pertaining to inviting researchers for registering their research papers in local or foreign research conferences or collecting any fee on this account. However, the university accepts research papers from researchers on prescribed procedure available on the university Official Website. Besides, it is also clarified that the university does not entertain Acceptance Letter(s) with digital signature and also scanned copy, as the same are considered fake. Therefore, the university will not entertain any claim for such fake acceptance letter(s), as the same is considered as violation of the standard operating procedure of the university.

Therefore, the general public and for that matter, those researchers who desire to publish their research papers in the aforesaid research journals of the university, are advised to strictly follow the guidelines given on the university official website.


Prof Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Khan ,
“The Dialogue” & “Journal of Managerial Sciences” & The Sciencetech