An Appraisal of Prospective Teachers' Awareness and Practices of Teaching Research Nexus


  • Dr. Fatima Muhammad Qassim International Islamic University, Islamabad
  • Prof. Dr. Sufiana Malik



Teachers are essential in classrooms, providing instruction, assessing learning, and conducting research. The teaching-research nexus (TRN) fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and knowledge expansion across a range of subjects by emphasizing research-based, research-led, research-oriented, and research-informed learning. To determine teachers' awareness of the several nexus dimensions—research-led learning, research-oriented learning, research-based learning, and research-informed practices—a study was carried out in Pakistan's Islamabad region. In the quantitative study, researchers surveyed prospective teachers in Islamabad's public and private sector teacher training institutions. The study population was split into two groups using a disproportionate sampling strategy. There were 254 teachers enrolled in one-year, four-year, and Master of Education programs out of the total population.  The sample included 79 private-sector and 175 public-sector teachers, ensuring a representative sample of future teachers. Data were gathered by adapting a questionnaire, the study found that prospective teachers were unfamiliar with the nexus and its dimensions. They did not develop a relationship between teaching and research, utilizing research findings to support their teaching concepts and update their methods. This suggests a need to train prospective teachers to prepare specific subjects and concepts by integrating relevant research and building a relationship between teaching content and research. This will enable them to implement strategies for their future teaching responsibilities.

      Keywords: teaching, research, nexus, prospective teachers, awareness, practices.