The Social Problems of Female Research Scholars During Research: An Investigation


  • Naz Arifa University of Peshawar
  • Arbab Khan Afridi
  • Shakeel Ahmad


This study aims to explore the social and academic problems faced by female research scholars while conducting their academic research. This study has used a survey-based quantitative research design. The female scholars in the faculty of social sciences, university of Peshawar is the population for this study. University of Peshawar has thirteen departments in the faculty of Social Sciences. The total population is 257 while a sample of 86 female scholars has been taken for this study. The sample includes M. Phil. and Ph. D. scholars of these 13 departments. Data regarding the problems faced by these female scholars while conducting their researches was collected by using a questionnaire. The questionnaire gathered the data in the form of a Likert Scale. The above mentioned thirteen departments of social sciences were personally visited for collecting primary data from the scholars. It was noted during the survey that if classes are arranged in the morning it will be easy for the female students to attend. A mixed approach was found after analysis of the data. Many students were found to be happy and fully satisfied with the arrangements in their respective departments while many others placed their concerns regarding the issues they were facing during their research. According to their responses, transportation to/from university, unavailability of printing facility and the unsatisfactory hostel accommodation were the common issues faced by many of them which become a hurdle in the smooth progression of their academia and research. It was also found that travelling in the local transport compels a number of students to leave their studies. The findings of the study show a significant impact on the research and academia of female scholars due to the above-mentioned issues.

 Keywords: social, academic, problems faced by female scholars, challenges