Epidermalization of Inferiority, Cultural Root(lessness) and Mimicry: Bapsi Sidhwa’s American Brat in Focus


  • Inayat Ullah NUML, Islamabad
  • Ummama Durrani


Eidermalization of Inferiority, Frantz Fanon, Mimicry, American Brat


This study explores the epidermalization of inferiority among diaspora communities as one of downsides of the oft-(ac)claimed globalized world. Focusing on the networks between home(lessness) and the spaces of residence as well as the trajectories of roots(lessness) and native culture, the research uses Frantz Fanon’s concept of epidermalization of inferiority to carry out a textual analysis of Bapsi Sidhwa’s American Brat. With postcolonial theoretical underpinnings as the lens, the study brings forth the processes and strategies that an immigrant from a formerly colonized community exploits in the pursuit of imitating the host culture for the sake of getting acceptance among the host community. While doing so, the protagonist runs the risk of disjointing with her own culture and ends up becoming culturally rootless. Consequently, the protagonist transforms from being a Parsee Pakistani into a typical ‘American brat’ but fails to achieve an equal status in the host community. Following Fanon’s concept, this qualitative study concludes that such blind imitation of the hegemon and desertion of one’s own culture end up in gaining nothing but inferiority for the subject. 

      Keywords: American Brat, Epidermalization of Inferiority, mimicry, postcolonial studies, Frantz Fanon