Effectiveness of Culturally Familiar Context on the Growth of Lexical and Morphological Knowledge of Second Language Learners


  • Rehana Gulzar PhD Scholar in English- Linguistic at National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan, and Teaching Research Associate English Department IIUI, Pakistan. rehana
  • Azhar Habib
  • Nisbat Malik


English, Morphological, Cultural, Text, Lexical Knowledge, Morphological Knowledge, Second Language


The present study intends to examine the link between the morphological knowledge of second-language learners and their english comprehension in the context of culturally familiar texts. The experimental approach was used to determine the impact of explicit instruction on the experimental group. The lesson plans are based on passages from "English for Academic Purposes" to provide students with comprehensive and understandable instruction in morphological comprehension. Analysis of the data is made between the Pre and Post test results for both groups of students. The statistics show that improved word power among language learners is significantly influenced by a morphological understanding of culturally familiar texts. Texts that are relevant to the learner's culture may substantially enhance their comprehension of morphology and vocabulary. The researchers draw some findings and make some recommendations towards the end, highlighting the importance of morphological and lexical knowledge for English as second language learners.

       Keywords: morphological knowledge, culturally familiar texts, lexical knowledge, second language learners