Effectiveness of Utilizing Computer-Assisted Instructions in the form of Tutorial Mode (CAITM) on the Retention Level of Students at the Elementary Level in the Subject of Pakistan Studies



Computer, Instruction, Retention


The study aimed to analyze the effectiveness of utilizing computer-assisted instructions in the form of tutorial mode on the retention level of the students at the elementary level in the subject of Pakistan Studies. The objective of this research was to catch the influence of CAITM on the retention level of the 8th class pupils in the course of Pakistan Studies. Total Forty participants including males and females of the 8th class were chosen as sample from Federal Government School in Cantt area of Risalpur. The chosen group was further divided into bi-parallel groups by using the practice of pair random on the basis of pretest scores. The “Post-test Only Equivalent Group Design” was applied on this study.  The post test was applied for data collection. A t-test for an independent sample was applied for concluding the findings from the data. The consequences of the endeavor showed that the members of the group under investigation retained learned contents for a long time as compared to the control group, which confirms that the applied strategy played a significant role in the retention level of the students. On the basis of findings, it is proposed that CAITM may be integrated with other teaching strategies to enhance the retention level of the students in different subjects of social sciences. CAITM has multidimensional perspectives and may be explored by investigating by applying diverse samples in different areas of the world.                 

      Keywords; computer, instruction, retention, tutorial mode, information    

                  and communication technology


Author Biographies

Mr Arshad Zaman, Northren University Nowshera, Pakistan

Ph.D scholar

Dr. Muhammad Naeemullah, Northren University Nowshera, Pakistan

Professor Deparment of Education Northren University Nowshera, Pakistan