Child Abuse in Pakistan: The Response of the Criminal Justice System


  • Ashraf Ali
  • Ilyas Khan


Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, Pakistan


This research study sheds light on child abuse in Pakistan with special emphasis on response of the criminal justice system. Child abuse is a matter-of-fact and grave issue in Pakistan as well as in the world. Its consequeses in various crimes for instance child labour, child trafficking, pornography and sexual abuse and so on. Child abuse is also a lawful, gender, socio-economic, educational and health problem. The key outcomes of this research article are that how to identify and elucidate the nature, concept and different manifestations of child abuse. What is the role of criminal justice system to prevent child abuse in Pakistan? This article is examined to understand the phenomena and issue of child abuse through descriptive and analytical approach. It is of great importance to take attentive steps and implement rules to overcome this problem.

          Keywords: child abuse, domestic violence, human rights, criminal justice, Pakistan