Effect of Communicative Approach on the Development of English-Speaking and Listening Skills in Students at Secondary School Level in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


  • Imran Khan English, Education, IT
  • Zafar Saleem
  • Iffat Ara


This experimental study aimed to measure the development of english speaking and listening skills among students at the secondary school level in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It also investigated relationship of english language skills with teaching method. Because, a significant number of language learners were not performing well, particularly at english speaking and listening skills. This study aimed to exploring the activities to improve english speaking and listening skills. For this purpose, the pretest-post-test control group design, from the umbrella of quantitative paradigm, was adopted. This study was guided by 5 hypotheses that were accepted. The study showed that significant improvements were exhibited by the experimental group in both of english language skills as compared to the control group. Recommendations were made as both the language skills may be proportionally taught, learnt and evaluated; to implement the communicative approach, teachers may be trained; evaluation system of english language may be restructured. Students’ and teachers’ perception as well as attitude may be investigated in future. Conducting studies on the communicative approach at primary, college or university levels; variations in models of the communicative approach may be applied, adopting other research designs.

    Keywords: communicative approach, grammar translation method, second language acquisition, english speaking, english listening.