Impact of Organizational Justice and Organizational Commitment on Teachers’ Performance in Secondary Schools

organismal commitment


  • Syed Zubair Haider
  • Uzma Munawar
  • Abdul Rehman Khan


Organizational Justice, Organizational Commitment, Teachers’ Performance, Secondary Schools


Justice and commitment are very crucial for organizational performance.  Teachers require fairness in their matters and which in return enhance their commitment towards the organization and improve their performance. Therefore, the present study examined the impact of organizational justice and organizational commitment on teachers’ performance working in secondary schools. Secondary school teachers and their headteachers or principals participated in this study. Organizational justice scale (Niehoff & Moorman, 1993), organizational commitment scale (Meyer, Allen, & Smith, 1993), and teachers’ job performance scale (Akhtar & Haider, 2017) were employed to obtain data from teachers and their principals. Descriptive and inferential statistics were applied to the collected data. The findings revealed that teachers' performance was influenced by justice in school matters, teachers’ dedication, and commitment to the school.  

       Keywords: organizational justice, organizational commitment, teachers’ performance, secondary schools, performance